Not everyone is into love on Valentine's Day, some like a little bit of revenge. If you would like to get back at your ex, you could get free chicken wings in return. If you are having a hard time getting over your ex or you just got out of a relationship, Hooters will help you get over them and give you free wings.

According to, Hooters wants you to come in on Valentines Day and rip up a picture of your ex. If you do, they will give you ten free boneless wings when you buy ten wings.

You can also go online to and fill out their quiz called "Shred Your Ex". All you have to do is answer four questions like "how did the break-up occur?". Hooters will give you a few suggestions on how to destroy their picture. They will give you everything from burn it, to dart it.

To find a Hooters near you, click HERE.

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