Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gosh, I want to get in touch with Sean and Bethany..."

But, maybe you don't know our studio phone number? (518-476-1077)

Or you don't have the link to our Facebook pages?  (Sean McMaster, Bethany Linderman)

Or maybe you don't know our Twitter handles...( @SeanMcMaster, @Bethany44)

Orrrrrr, maybe you don't know our email addresses! (Bethany@wgna.com, SMcMaster@wgna.com)

Well, if that sounds like you, never fear!  We have a whole new way for you to get in touch with us anytime of the day or night!

Just text us!

The number to text is... 77000.

You'll need to text the word "Hey" and then your message.

For instance,

"Hey Sean and Bethany, I love you guys!"


"Hey Sean and Bethany, waking up with you is the best!"

You'll be able to interact with us during our show, and even win prizes!

Thanks for keeping in touch!  And thanks most of all for listening!!


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