Looking for a seasonal position?  Stores in the Capital Region are already looking to hire!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw on WNYT Channel 13 that seasonal jobs are already being filled.  But, it's true!

If you are one looking to work this holiday season, here are the stores to check out now.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

UPS is looking to hire 95,000 seasonal workers!!  With most people ordering gifts on line or mailing them to their families, the demand to hire for UPS is high. These positions will mainly be drivers and handlers.

Toys R Us is accepting applications!!  Toys R U is looking to add over 10,000 jobs – a portion of those will be here in New York.  These seasonal positions will be filled in stores and in distribution centers.

Target is hiring now too!  I actually saw the sign tonight when I was there!  As with last year, Target will add over 70,000 jobs.  These will mainly be in store positions!

I am sure other stores will be hiring seasonal workers as well!  We will keep you posted!