This NFL season is being held hostage by yet another labor dispute. The NFL Referees decided they were due a big raise, a pension and more. The NFL disagreed so here we are with "Replacement Refs". I can't tell you who is right and who is wrong but after last nights call I may be siding with the real refs.


There have been a bunch of bad calls this season and some that are so back it actually hurts the game but the worst part is these replacements don't even seem to know the rules of the game they are officiating which is making for bad calls and I think allowing players to be put in jeopardy.


So last night the call went against at least two NFL rules but was called a touchdown anyway. First Seattle receiver Golden Tate "pushed off" a defender which is "Offensive pass interference". That alone should of ended the play but no the refs allowed it to continue Tate and Green Bay Safety M.D. Jennings appear to catch the ball at the same time which would equal a Seattle touchdown. However review clearly shows Jennings had the ball first which is a interception. End of game Green Bay wins, but no they called it a touchdown and Seattle gets a cheap win. The best part is both refs are right there and make two different calls. Watch for yourself.


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