Come on - it's GOTTA be the Broncos on Feb 2nd. (It is the 2nd, right?) Now would you like to know why?  It's obvious!  Trust me! I have the top 5 reasons.

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1.  It's gonna be outdoors.  Seattle's average temperature in the winter is only in the 30s.  They can't handle cold.  They ski in Denver, for God sakes.  You can't ski in Seatt…..(oh wait, you can? )  Yea, but not much, right?

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2. Peyton Manning.  Because he's old, and I'm becoming a champion for keeping the  old employed ( for obvious reasons)

3. John Elway convinced Peyton to play in the first place, and he was over 38 years old himself when Denver beat the Falcons.  Again, old is good!

4. Because if you rearrange the letters in Broncos, you can spell SNOB ROC. That says it all  They're snobbish, but have a right to be, partially because of their ROC HARD defense (so the "K" is missing - big deal)

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5. Likewise, rearrange the letters in Sherman, one word you can make is "Shmear' .  Since made it a point to  "shmear" Crabtree's good name, the Broncos I'm sure are not gonna forget that.  They will run over you guys like bucking BRONCOS.

So there you have it.  In depth analysis from a person with literally NO knowledge of the sport whatsoever ( but when it's on the internet, it MUST be true, right? )

Now,  what do YOU thinlk?