If you have never played Madden from EA Sports, I should tell you that it is an amazing game and you should invest in a copy. One of the cool things about Madden NFL games is that they update during the season so that things like injuries, roster changes, player improvement and the like are all considered when you play a game. Another cool aspect of the game is you can set a game to play in computer mode and watch it play out as it would in real life!

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That is how we get the Madden NFL Superbowl prediction. With all the information entered into the game they run a simulation game, complete with video highlights. They have correctly predicted the winner of 8 of the last 10 Superbowls. Eighty percent is a great score no matter what we are talking about!

S who wins this year? Denver. According to the game, Denver will win 31-28. The game itself looks pretty exciting, with a lot of lead changes and even a pick 6 for Richard Sherman. Here are some "video highlights" from the simulation:


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