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"Beat Brady"- A Parody Song
For those of you who will NOT be rooting for New England this weekend, this is for you. My team isn't playing either so I feel your pain. Pats fans, you have to admit this is funny... Just enjoy.
The Good News – A Superbowl Make A Wish Granted
I love Make A Wish, I really do wish I somehow had the resources all by myself to make all of these kid's wishes come true. Fortunately there are many people in the world who feel the same way and some of these kid's with terminal illness actually get to have a little dream come true even …
Super Bowl Drinking Game
The biggest football game of the year is this Sunday and while some will enjoy just watching the game; others need to spice it up a bit. That's where we come in with a great Super Drinking Game.
An Open Letter To Richard Sherman
Before I begin this letter to Richard for those of you who have not seen the latest in the "trash talking" controversies that Mr. Sherman has found himself in, I will include this video from the post game interview from last night's game.
Here goes......
Dear Richard,
I should preface this le…
Football Star?
We all know Kenny Chesney LOVES football and even played receiver in high school. Being a Country Music Super Star has it's perks. Chesney got to go to work out with the Seattle Seahawks.
NFL Divisional Round Preview And Picks
This weekend's Divisional round of the Playoffs kicks off in Denver when two of the games greatest Icons and leaders face off when Peyton manning and Ray Lewis go toe to toe.
Replacement Referees Cost The Packers A Win In Seattle [VIDEO]
This NFL season is being held hostage by yet another labor dispute. The NFL Referees decided they were due a big raise, a pension and more. The NFL disagreed so here we are with "Replacement Refs". I can't tell you who is right and who is wrong but after last nights call I may…
Eagles Vs Seahawks Thursday NFL Preview
Tonight is a battle of the birds when the Seattle Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles. This match up of two 4-7 teams has big meaning to the Eagles. Philly's Head Coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat and coaching to keep his job.
NFL Playoff Picks
Ok so last week I had a change of heart after I posted my blog and on air I took the Jets. Turned out to be a good switch. So after that I went 3 and 1 straight up and against the spread. So I must be ready for a let down right? Well let's hope not because here are my picks for today and tomorr…

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