The biggest football game of the year is this Sunday and while some will enjoy just watching the game; others need to spice it up a bit. That's where we come in with a great Super Drinking Game.

The first 3 groups all involve beer or your choice of beverage, shots are saved for the final group if you choose to ad them to your game.

Please remember to always drink responsibly and never drive after drinking.

Game Related (sip from beer)

  • First down
  • QB sack
  • Field Goal
  • Penalty
  • Shirtless fan in crowd shot
  • Peyton Manning yelling 'Omaha'

Things Seen On TV (sip from beer)

  • Lame car commercial
  • Any commercial featuring a celebrity
  • Any commercial featuring an animal
  • Any commercial featuring Peyton Manning

Your Party (sip from beer)

  • Spilled drink (in honor of the lost alcohol)
  • Someone asking "What happened?"
  • When anyone takes a bathroom break
  • When anyone talks about a past Super Bowl
  • If someone says "Quite Down" so they can watch a commercial

Things To Take A Shot To (chose to ad these if you want and at your own risk, not required)

  • Anyone mentioning the name "Super Bowl 48"
  • Any mention of the weather, forecast, or weather related reference
  • Team "Going For It" on 4th down (Double if they don't make it)
  • Onside Kick
  • Turnover (Double if it's the team you're cheering that turns the ball over)
  • Any reference to Skittles

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