I had a whole heap of laughs today.  Two devoted WGNA fans, Rebbecca Castillo and her mother, Ruth Smith, decided to take on the challenge of presenting Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup from a woman' point of view.  So in the spirit of equal time, we present Rebbecca's song parody - recorded right at our studio! 

Should we make a contest out of this - a "Who can do the best parody?" contest?    I'm not sure.  Sometimes grading people  takes the enjoyment out of it.  Who's better?  What constitutes BETTER in the first place?  We had such a good time doing this that I wouldn't want to ruin the moment.

Be that as it may, here are a couple of shots taken in WGNA's "Parody Playroom" of Rebbecca, her mom and yours truly.  We are holding wine glasses.  (Note to the boss - they're EMPTY!   It's a song about wine - get it?)

Well, let's get to it, shall we?  This was recorded on a multitrack digital recorder which allows us to take two people and create 4, 6, or 50 out of them!   Remember, this was recorded in less than an hour and it was their first time with all this technology,  so cut them some slack, people!

download mp3 version here

Seriously, I would like to thank both of these great sports for their time and effort (and I thank their employers  for letting them out of work to come over and do this!)  I raise my (empty) wine glass and salute you both!