Sunday night was special for Toby Keith, but not just because he had a great show in Saratoga Springs.

Keith fell victim to Sunday afternoon host Nick Kessler's infamous "Worst Interview Ever"—it's a video series where Kessler works to refine his interview skills on well-known country music artists.

Kessler tried his hardest to give Keith a good interview, but the "intern" messed up again when he researched and suggested that Kessler ask Keith about his restaurant, Margaritaville. Keith corrected Kessler, and called him out a few times later in the interview when he was asked about the success of specifically red Solo cups, a "question from a fan" about how much money Keith makes and more.

Things really got weird when Kessler asked Keith to "sign my Teddy."

Watch the full interview to see what he meant.

You can also watch Kessler build Toby Keith Jr. in this video if you just can't get enough of the awkwardness.

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