What a magical day I had! I’ve heard about the Build-A-Bear phenomenon before but never got to experience it until today.

Toby Keith is coming to SPAC this Sunday and I am beyond thrilled. I know that everyone will be bombarding him for his autograph and for pictures. How selfish is that?

Only a true fan like me would actually skip lunch, sneak off to Crossgates Mall and build their favorite country star a bear.

Today was my first time experiencing Build-A-Bear. Not only did I get to make the bear and wish him to life but I also got to do the best part: accessorize. I picked out clothes that I hope Toby would like for his Teddy.

There’s nothing strange about a 27-year-old man-child stuffing a Teddy bear is there?

Now that you've watched the video, I can tell you the bear is actually fine and was never hurt. My hope is to have to Toby Keith sign it this weekend in Saratoga and we can auction it off for 'GNA's St. Jude Radiothon.