I guess my last blog got the conversation going on the morning show today, and it also spurred a parody idea.  Audio from the show, a song and a video slideshow to follow  Don't ask me what made me think of "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith.  It has absolutely nothing to do with wires, connectors, cellphones and batteries, but the I guess it had the same amount of syllables as Radio Shack, so I went with it.

As I mentioned before, I may have to blame my journalist nephew on this.  I still can't get the whole idea of my favorite store having that hard of a time, so I went one step further here and wrote a "Save Radio Shack" ditty.   As I mentioned, it became fodder for the morning show as well, so i also included some bonus audio below.  Enjoy!

Although I had fun making the song, I honestly do hope they pull through.  I think they serve an important function in the electronics industry.  I can't think of any other store with better customer service.  Plus, if you've got questions, they've got answers!!! (DAMN - I FORGOT TO PUT THAT IN THE SONG!!!)

Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Now the store where I go is e geek festival

that fact that it's tanking truly detestablee
the happiness I get is eally unmeasurable
I just love looking at wires
there's always a deal at their discount table
look what I paid these audio cables
now they've acquired this unfortunate label
soon everyone will be fired
Radio Shack I hope you bounce back
I feel really sorry
no time to party
Radio Shack it's funds that you lack
guess you've been pestered
by your investors
If you want my review you'll get nothing but flattery
I dig all their sales on the double a batteries
I hope something happens like they win the lottery
lets pray that they stay afloat
In a 60s  I bought a receiver that's dandy
and towering speakers they were made by tandy
All of it still works, now isn't that handy
i hope you're all taking note
Radio Shack I hope you bounce back
I feel real sorry
no time to party
You're in the red
but it don't mean your dead
if you can afford it
let's all support it
get in there and purchase one thing or another
like a little alarm clock for your little brother
or maybe a cellphone for your aging mother
we have to give it our all
or they'll be another boarded up store in the mall

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