Sometimes you just have to put the laptop down, turn off the iPhone, and get your butts outside and enjoy the weather.  I had to tell myself this recently.  So I immediately packed up my laptop and iPhone and took a solo excursion to a local park.  I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw (right in Schenectady)  and wanted to pass it on to you.

It's Central Park, right off of Route 7 in Schenectady to be exact.  Granted - everything isn't fully opened up yet, but I just wanted to scope out all of the things it had to offer.  So I grabbed my iPhone and took some shots  (sorry - can't be without the gadget for too long, but I just used the camera - nothing else)

The park has a great history, and top security.




What's a park without ducks?  Plenty of them - but don't go feeding them french fries and stuff, please

Plenty of tennis courts available - at least THIS  time of year

There's a place called the "Casino" right on the property.  Looks like they have a nice patio too.

All kinds of playground equipment for the kids.


They have a huge lake there as well.  Glad my phone does panorama shots


So there you have it - Schenectady's Crown Jewel.  Go to a park today. (You pay for it - you might as well use it)