Did Josh Allen Jump the Shark?

We're not saying that Josh Allen jumped the shark when he leap-frogged over Chief's safety Justin Reid during the 4th quarter of the Bills game versus Kansas City back on October 16th, but we're not saying he didn't either.

The morning after "the jump", the memes were everywhere and Allen was seen (superimposed) jumping over Niagara Falls, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, a Stampede of Herding Buffalo, Albany's Egg, etc.

What the heck is "jumping the shark"?

The idiom "jumping the shark" was coined way back in 1985, 8 years after a 1977 episode of Happy Days left passionate fans disenchanted and annoyed with the franchise.

In its 5th season, a character known as Fonzie played ( by Henry Winkler) jumps over a shark while on water skis.  People found it corny, the result of a weak storyline, and it was that moment when fans turned on Happy Days, an otherwise very popular show.

Since his jump back on October 16th,  Allen looks more like a player who suffered a high ankle sprain when he came down than someone who leaped into immortality as the video would suggest.


In the 6 games before the hurdle over Reid that whipped Bills Mafia into a tizzy, Allen was All-World, a frontrunner for NFL MVP, and the Bills were runaway favorites to win the Super Bowl and the memes were everywhere!

Perhaps Allen is playing a little hurt, or maybe he's trying to do too much, but the numbers don't lie.

Look, we're no dummies and we are NOT doubting Allen's uncanny ability to simply dominate and steamroll any team that dares to get in his path, and the Bills are still the odds-on favorite to at least make the Super Bowl, but something with this team, and its leader is off.

Has Josh Allen Jumped the Shark
Has Josh Allen Jumped the Shark? The numbers are what they are...

Weeks 1-6:  Bills 5-1  Allen stats:17 Touchdowns, only 4 Interceptions, 2 Rushing TDs

Weeks 7-9.  Bills 1-2  Allen stats: Only 3 TDs, 6 Interceptions, 7 total turnovers.

Back on October 16th, Josh Allen jumped his way into our living rooms, and our hearts, and Bills fans, already giddy with excitement started buying their tickets for the Super Bowl.

But a lot has changed in a month.

The rabid fanbase is much quieter now, and while the Bills are still a force to be reckoned with, Bills Mafia is worried.

A few weeks ago, the Bills were the shark. Now, Bills Mafia is wondering if they've jumped it.

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