I am constantly making sure that my identity hasn't been stolen. Whether I am combing over my bank statements or keeping my documents in a pile at home, I try to not let my personal information be easily accessible. There is a free event this weekend that can help you keep your information secure. A few months back I bought myself a paper shredder vowing to do my own shredding to keep my information safe. Well that lasted a few times and now it's just a hassle to do it myself. I will be taking advantage of this free event that the city of Albany is offering on Saturday.

The Department of General Services through the City of Albany is sponsoring a free paper shredding event on Saturday October 14th from 1p-4p, You can bring your documents to be shredded in the front of the Washington Park Lake House through the Madison Ave entrance. They are also collecting hard and soft cover books for recycling purposes.

They are asking you to transport the papers to be shredded in reusable totes, boxes and paper bags. They will be returned to you after you witness your documents being shredded.

For a complete list of what you can have shredded, click here.

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