If you thought about being part of the movement on Facebook, #2020Seniors, you might want to think twice. There is a warning that this could compromise your personal information. According to News 10 ABC and a press release from the Better Business Bureau, the fun post to join in with the seniors are supposed to graduate this year could draw scammers.

People started to share their senior photos from all years and schools on Facebook in a message of solidarity. But now the Better Business Bureau is warning that this information could allow scammers to access your personal information.

They warn that scammers can use that information like your maiden name and where you went to high school to dig deeper and allow them to answer common online security questions.

According to a press release from the Better Business Bureau, here are some tips to keep you safe on social media.

  • Don't be so quick to play along. It may be fun to share and see other friend's posts, it could be a trap.
  • Check your security settings on all of your social media platforms to make sure you know who you are sharing information with
  • Change your security settings and questions often. Changing these often adds to the security of your social media accounts.
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