identity theft

Beware of Venmo Scam
If you use Venmo to send payment to vendors, friends, and family, you need to be aware of a scam that is going around.
Beware! Recruitment Scam At Local Company
Even when you are applying for a job, scammers are always working on trying to steal your information.This scam involves a local company that is actually hiring but the scammers are sending out false letters.
Prevent Identity Theft - Free Paper Shredding Event
I am constantly making sure that my identity hasn't been stolen. Whether I am combing over my bank statements or keeping my documents in a pile at home, I try to not let my personal information be easily accessible. There is a free event this weekend that can help you keep your information secu…
Victim Of Identity Theft? Steps To Help
Every day there are more and more companies coming forward saying that your personal information that they have has been compromised. Well if you think that your identity may have been stolen, there is a website that can help you right away.
More Albany Area Identities Stolen
A few days ago, I had an article about Suzette Guzman-Moore and Emmitt Woods, the couple accused of stealing the social security numbers of local people, including many deceased people, so they could open up accounts for credit cards.

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