If you use Venmo to send payment to vendors, friends, and family, you need to be aware of a scam that is going around. According to WIVB, scammers are targeting Venmo users and police are sending out a warning. You should be on the look-out for a text that claims your Venmo account is about to be charged. The text will then tell the person to log into their account if they want to cancel the withdrawal.

This will then take the Venmo user to a page that looks just like their account. It appears to be Venmo with the same colors and fonts that are on the app. If you do log in, it will ask you to verify your identity by entering a debit card number, personal information, or a credit card number.

The main objective is to gain personal information to steal from your accounts. You are warned to ignore the messages and reach out to Venmo directly. You can get more information about this scam through Venmo's website by clicking here.

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