Before you file your taxes, make sure you heed the warnings about identity theft. Here are some important tips you should know. In an effort between the Tax Department, the State Department's Division of Consumer Protection, and the Office of Information Technology Services, here are a few tips to protect yourself as you file your taxes this season.

According to News 10 ABC, New Yorkers are targeted each year by scammers who are trying to steal identities and tax refunds. There are several ways that New Yorkers can protect themselves and also limit identity theft during tax season according to the Department of Taxation and Finance. These may seem obvious, but make sure you follow them to protect yourself.

Always file promptly and protect any information and documents that you use for your return. Make sure the person you have preparing your return is qualified and honest. Make sure they sign your return and you get a copy. Go over every line of your return. Never sign a blank tax return. If you think you are a victim of identity theft, make sure you report it right away.

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