Even when you are applying for a job, scammers are always working on trying to steal your information.This scam involves a local company that is actually hiring but the scammers are sending out false letters. According to a press release from Express Scripts, scammers are posing as an Express Scripts Representative and making applicants think they are working directly with the company about a job. The scammers then get the applicant to give up personal and financial information. It may look legitimate too. They may use the company's logo along with detailed company information to think that you are actually corresponding with a representative.

Express Scripts, which has a center in Troy, wants you to know that they will never ask for a fee as part of the application process and would never send a check to cover training or equipment costs. If you do respond to a recruiter by email, the email address will always be @express-scripts.com not a gmail or yahoo account. Express Scripts does conduct phone interviews but would never do them through chat rooms.

To get more information about this recruiting scam with Express Scripts, click HERE.

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