Yesterday President Obama tried to remind Americans why they wanted health care to begin with.  It seems like ever since the disgraceful launch of the Affordable Care Act's website, Americans, led by social media and traditional forms of media, have forgotten why we ever thought we needed it!

At a health care event at the White House yesterday, Obama said, "We're not repealing it as long as I'm president. If I have to fight another three years to make sure this law works, then that's what I'll do."

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Here's my commentary on that.

Although I'll be the first to agree, this whole website, health care marketplace thing is a giant debacle, I have to agree with him - he should fight!

Ask yourself this... what terrible things would we say about him if he didn't fight so hard for this thing!?  What if he didn't make good on this campaign promise?  Every water cooler and 24 hour news channel would have a field day with that!  He's trying something - let's see what happens!  Let's give him a chance to fix it.

I actually called the NY State Healthcare marketplace to see if I'd be better off with one of the plans offered, and I had a genuinely good experience.  The "navigator" I spoke with was friendly, knowledgable, and helpful.  Because, thankfully, Townsquare Media offers it's full-time employees a fairly decent healthcare package, "Obamacare" wasn't the best option for my family, but for a lot of people, it is!  And, good for them!

You know, a lot of people didn't want Social Security, a whole bunch of people thought Medicare was the worst idea in the world!  And now, threaten to take either one of those systems away, and people literally loose their minds!  Maybe in 20 years, this will seem brilliant!

Also, consider how all of us would feel differently if it weren't 2013 and there wasn't an immediate, mass reaction to every move our President made.  Do you think that Roosevelt and Reagan had to deal with this kind of scrutiny?  I mean, George Washington didn't have a twitter account.

Plus, think about your job and what would happen to you if had an approval rating... yikes.  I'm thinking of some folks that might not fare so well!  Specifically and old, crotchety drunk boss I used to have!

I know, if you sign up to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world, you have to expect some scrutiny, and yeah, that website was pretty busted, but, hey, they're trying!  And you still have quite a few days to enroll!

Good luck, POTUS!  Keep on fighting!  Either way, you're going down in history, and I'd rather have a Prez that stands up for what he believes in than one who rolls over when it gets hard.

Also, next time, maybe get some guys from Google or Apple to help you build your website.  Those White House interns aren't gonna cut it.

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