We were waiting to see the outcome of the bill and it looks as if there will soon be a new law in place in regards to your car.

I mentioned the bill a little over a month ago that would force "all passengers of a vehicle, including the backseat, to wear a seatbelt." According to News10, the bill passed.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost half of the people who died in car crashes in 2017 did not wear their seatbelt. Many think that because they're in the backseat, they're more protected and have no need to "click it." The truth of the matter is, if the car is going 65mph, then it suddenly stops, you will continue to go 65 mph until something else with enough force stops you (seat in front of you, front windshield, outside ground, etc).

All we're waiting for at this point is for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to sign the bill, which could take months. If he signs it, there will not only be a fine for those in the front seat but also for the backseat for which the driver may be liable for.

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