COVID-19 Bill to Bring Relief to the Capital Region
Many of the details and plans have yet to be revealed but it appears as though Congress has reached an agreement on a COVID-19 relief bill. This news should give some comfort to those that find themselves unemployed due to the pandemic but is it enough?
Movie Theatres: Alcohol or No?
When I think of movie theatres, I think popcorn and Sno-Caps but New York legislation is asking the question again, should movie theatres serve alcohol that you can bring into the movie with you?
Clay for Congress
Yep, he sure is!  The American Idol contestant turned Broadway crooner Clay Aiken says "Washington is dysfunctional." And he's like to try and fix it, or at least try to represent North Carolina in the best way possible!
Aiken is officially throwing his hat in the ring to …
President Obama Will Fight for Health Care Law
Yesterday President Obama tried to remind Americans why they wanted health care to begin with.  It seems like ever since the disgraceful launch of the Affordable Care Act's website, Americans, led by social media and traditional forms of media, have forgotten why we ever thought we needed …

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