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Don't Fall For This Streaming Device Scam
We are all watching a lot more television during the pandemic. No matter what streaming service you are using, you are paying for it in some way. There is a warning of one service that is being rerouted to scammers in an effort to take your money.
Watch Out For Fake Coupons Online
There are thousands of deals online and it is getting harder to tell which are real and which are fake. Now that we are spending more time online during the lockdown. here's what you should be aware of.
Donation Caution For Japan Earthquake Victims
We all want try to be good people and do the right thing. We help out when we can, which sometimes means donating money. But it’s hard to imagine that anyone would take advantage of someone willing to try to help out someone less fortunate. I was alerted to this by the Better Busines…