Any time a restaurant shuts down - even for a few weeks - it raises a few eyebrows!

A popular cafe/restaurant on Central Avenue in Albany announced that they'll be shutting down for a few weeks this Summer causing momentary panic attacks for people like my Mom and Dad who eat here regularly.

Government mandates, social distancing, and a lack of people willing to work have made the restaurant industry more volatile and unpredictable than anyone could have ever imagined.

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Anytime I see or hear that an area restaurant or bar is "shutting down" or "closing their doors," I automatically get PTSD dating back to the first few years of the pandemic when we held our collective breathes while moms-and-pops all over the Capital Region struggled to make ends meet.

So, what's shutting down and why?

But that's not the issue or the case with TJ's Cafe located at 1133 Central Ave in Albany and some may have been a little bit confused by a recent announcement.  On Monday, the Albany mainstay notorious for its Chicken Parm and fried fish dinner night announced on its Facebook page that will be closed for a few weeks so the staff can take a Summer vacation, with plans to reopen on July 15th.

Photo: Google Maps/Canva
Photo: Google Maps/Canva
Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Nothing like taking a little Summer break to relax and recharge!

I'll make sure to tell the 'rents that the shutdown is only temporary - enjoy the time off!

We are closed for our staff summer vacation

We will reopen
7/15/22 at 11 AM
Enjoy your Summer!  -Staff at TJ's Cafe in Albany


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