There's an ongoing investigation in Warren County as State Police are looking for a missing rifle that belongs to them and claim it was last seen on Tuesday.   While police have been diligent in saying that they don't believe it was stolen, they're trying to figure out how it went missing and are asking for the public's help to try help the locate it.

According to a report from News Channel 13, the semi-automatic weapon was last seen on Tuesday in an area on Riverside Drive, Route 9 in the town of Chestertown.  According to the report, the weapon is a Rock River AR-15 rifle serial number CM203155 and optic number K3319796.  It's believed to have been inside a black nylon carrying case.

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While police aren't getting into the specifics of its disappearance, don't believe the rifle was stolen leaving many to wonder how something like this could go missing. Police have not disclosed the name of the trooper who misplaced it.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the rifle is asked to call the State Police at (518)-583-7000 according to reports.

The AR-15 is described as a is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle made by Rock River Farms out of Colorado. 

Rock River Arms produces weaponry for many law enforcement agencies and according to sources were "awarded a contract with the Drug Enforcement Administration for a minimum of 5,000 LAR-15 rifles to be purchased over five years."

According to the source they manufacture the rifle for many federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Marshals.

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