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Police in Warren County Looking for Lost AR-15 Rifle
There's an ongoing investigation in Warren County as State Police are looking for a missing rifle that belongs to them and claim it was last seen on Tuesday.   While police have been diligent in saying that they don't believe it was stolen, they're trying to figure out how i…
NY State Troopers Have Brand New Hiding Spot
As a licensed driver, you're supposed to follow all of the rules and regulations. To make sure of that, Troopers have gotten smart on how to catch you and now, they have a brand new hiding spot.
Following Limo Tragedy, State Police Seize 59 Vehicles
In the months following the horrific Schoharie limo crash that took the lives of 20 people, efforts are being made to prevent such a tragedy again.  License plates have recently been stripped off dozens of vehicles, and while nothing can ever 100 percent ensure our passenger safety, this at lea…
State Police Seek Help After Clifton Park Hit-And-Run
A 21 year old man is in serious condition after he was struck late Saturday evening in a serious hit-and-run in Clifton Park.  State police are seeking your help and looking for anyone who may have some details about the driver and the car who fled the scene.
Police Warn Of Latest ‘Grandparent Scam’
Every day we're forced to keep our guard up and stay on high alert as potential scammers and hackers could be everywhere. Scamming anybody out of their hard-earned money is dreadful, but targeting the elderly is simply the lowest of the low.  That's exactly what is happening and the State Police are…
Funny Highway Signs Try And Get Motorists To Focus
When you are on the road, especially when you are traveling for vacation or a summer road trip, you hope that other motorists are focusing on the roads and not texting or using their phones. Well another state has decided to be creative and funny with their highway signs in an effort to get drivers …

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