I have to apologize, folks, but I have been stuck on the whole Apple thing this week.  I was going to get off the subject, but this caught my attention.  People are lining up ALREADY to get the new phones!

Apple is in major trouble since their iPhone announcements came out on September 11th.  (Yea, right).

According to MacRumors.com, people are already starting to camp out in front of Apple's 5th Avenue Store in NYC to be the first in line to get one.  IT DOESN'T GO ON SALE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 20TH! 

They're also starting to do the same thing in Japan.

Check this out...

Apple's stock price did drop however, but who knows what that means!  Trust me - this company isn't going anywhere.  In fact, supposedly they are making a deal with a huge Chinese cellphone company, China Mobile, and if they do, they will have access to 700 MILLION subscribers, according to CNN Money.com. The Apple is not rotten to the core quite yet.

( this article was started on my Macbook Pro and finished on my iPad!)