I just got back from Japan on Sunday and I'm going to try and tell you about all of the great things I experienced. First, was something I found on Instagram and by far the coolest experience I've had.

I happened to see on Instagram something called MariCar. It was go-karting through Tokyo, Japan while dressed as a Mario character. No way this was real, right? All it took was an International Driver's License ($20 from AAA) and my Passport and they let my friend and I drive the streets of Tokyo on the opposite side of the road I was used to.

It was the best way to see Tokyo, honestly. We got to experience the city from the road, wind in our hair, and Mario costumes on our backs. My friend was Yoshi, two girls in our group from Korea were Mario and Luigi, and I wore the crown as Princess Peach.

It was probably the closest I will ever come to feeling like a celebrity, too. People were taking pictures of us, waving to us - how could you not? It was 7 go-karts riding the streets dressed as Mario Kart characters, all we were missing were the shells and banana peels.


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