If you plan on driving on I-890 in the next few days maybe you should consider other routes or be prepared to possibly sit in traffic.

In the area of Exit 4 there has been on going construction for quite some time. Also being one of the, if not the busiest exits on I-890 surely doesn't help. However no matter when it gets done it will be inconvenient for some.

What's gonna go down is at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning you will be detoured at Exit 3 and take the lower access road down to the new ramp near the entrance into General Electric. On top of that it will also effect traffic coming from a few other directions as well including those coming off of Washington Avenue and also motorists coming from The ramp by Schenectady County Community College too.

No need to worry for too long though, this will only be in effect until Monday morning at 6 a.m. In this time the bridge over the closed inner loop will be fully replaced according to the Department of Transportation. For more on the story follow the link below to the article about it on News 10's website.