For as long as I can remember, this restaurant was a staple in the Capital Region but now it sits boarded up waiting for another tenant to lease the space it occupied for years.

"Man, that place was there since the mall opened. Like 40 years ago. Good run" An Albany Redditor Comments on Uno's Closing

When Crossgates Mall opened up on March 4, 1984, it planned for a 1.3 million square footprint with six anchor stores, but that didn't quite happen.  On opening day, the mall's size totaled 975,000 square feet and had four anchors: Caldor, Jordan Marsh, Filene's, and JCPenney.

Gone are most of the originals and the as our childhood nostalgia continues to disappear, unfortunately, we can add another one to the list.

On Monday, a thread appeared on Albany Reddit discussing the Pizzeria Uno at Crossgates Mall that's been there since the 80s - all boarded up and closed for business.

Photo: Google
Yelp website showing that Pizzeria Uno in Xgates is Closed

Most of the comments came from Capital Region residents saddened by the recent closing of Pizzeria Uno in Crossgates Mall but not necessarily surprised.

One Redditor wrote, "Stopped in there right before Christmas. Not surprised though... it was one of the lesser places to eat and drink in the mall. 20 years ago it was the only place along with Houlihans and Bugaboo Creek"

Another nostalgic Redditor praised Uno's run adding, "Man, that place was there since the mall opened. Like 40 years ago. Good run!"

One fan of their buttery Chicago Deep Dish and tasty appetizers added, "Boo! Goodbye Loaded Pizza Skins! We shall meet again, in heaven!"

As of now, there is no word on what will replace Uno's.

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