I can easily list a bunch of things that give me anxiety when I get behind the wheel of a car.  Drunk drivers, carjackers, a giant wasp stalking me, getting trapped behind an 18-wheeler transporting a bunch of logs, heavy ice, sleet, and freezing rain are some, to name a few.

A car in Schenectady plunges into a sinkhole. Easily a top 3 fear of mine Photo: Screengrab from WNYT
A car in Schenectady plunges into a sinkhole. Easily a top 3 fear of mine Photo: Screengrab from WNYT

But nothing freaks me out more than the thought of the road I'm traveling road splitting wide open sending me and my Jeep tumbling into the abyss of a giant sinkhole.

It happened on Monday

Yep, a giant sinkhole opened up on a high-traffic area in Schenectady and darn near swallowed an SUV whole thanks to all the rain coupled with decades of erosion.

The driver managed to get out and they escaped with only minor injuries, but how terrifying is that?

Many of the roads in cities like Albany, Schenectady, and Troy are a hundred years old, and the infrastructure is ancient, and while some may call this an irrational fear, it's not out of the question.

Sinkholes of the Capital Region

Sinkhole opens up in Albany Photo: Screengrab from Facebook
Sinkhole opens up in Albany Photo: Screengrab from Facebook


"On Monday afternoon...a sink hole developed on McClellan Street at the intersection of Eastern Avenue resulting in a passenger car having to be pulled out. The sink hole was the result of a compromise on an 80-year-old, 72-inch storm sewer line located under the area." Mayor's Office, City of Schenectady


I saw someone post the following video on Facebook and it showed the size of the hole once the car was lifted out, and this thing is massive.


I remember something like this happened in Albany back in 2016,  and thankfully, the owner of the car wasn't driving at the time.

His car was parked near Albany's Washington Park, and he was inside his house when the road split open and swallowed his car.  He told reporters that the City didn't cover the costs of pulling it out.

Then there's this, also in Albany back in 2007.


I don't know what the future holds for people like me with an "irrational fear of being swallowed up in a sinkhole",  but most of our needy Capital Region roads aren't getting an overhaul anytime soon.

In the meantime, I'll just keep white-knuckling it in hopes that I don't take the plunge. And BTW, aren't we supposed to have flying cars by now?

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