This one was a no-brainer.  Many of the folks who contributed information for this little town mentioned that the "Ring Of Fire" each summers' end on  Sacandaga Lake was something that I just HAD to mention.  So I ask you - what song would YOU use to commemorate this great little place?  Apologies to Johnny Cash, but it was right there - I had to go with it! 

Before you click on the song (it's at the bottom of this page), I want to thank everyone for the information that you sent. I didn't even include 1/10th of the facts that you sent.  There was just no time.   I should have included the human flag that the kids do every year!

I should have painted more of a verbal picture of the beauty of the area

And shame on me for not mentioning more of the local businesses who try so hard every day in this world of  chain and big box retail stores

But then again, that's the beauty of blogging.  I can do it here, and thanks to Amanda Casey for the pictures!  Also thanks to fine Facebook friends like Deb, April, Ben, Liz, Katie, Cindy, Martha, Laurie, Diane, Kayla, Fred, and so many others.

Special shout-outs go  to Northvillians Mike Tirella (former President of the Albany Executives Association), an excellent back cracker (chiropractor) and bluegrass lover.  Also a special hello to a former 'GNA traffic guy, Fred Cole (anyone remember Fred Cole andthe WGNA Highway Patrol?)!

OK, I'm done - now onto the song, which is a parody of the late great Johnny Cash classic "Ring Of Fire" . I had a blast putting this together.  I was so proud- I even found the right trumpet sounds on my keyboard for this!   Here we go:

mp3 version (right click to download and save for your very own- just please tell 'em  where it came from!)

Ok, I'm done, except for one final picture - of the school!!

I've been here several times for the Readin' Writin' and Rhymin' tour, and they've been great!   Yet another shout-out to Ms. Lent, Ms. Edwards and the kids!  Here's the song that they wrote this past Christmas!

Ok, now I'm REALLY done!