Its not every day you go on a drive and encounter a moose. This person may have broken the law by filming and driving. But its a freaking moose!!

Now this isn't as exciting as it would be to see a moose in say Schenectady, just due to the area around Northville being far more rural. Still it has to be a massive shock to be driving down a road and seeing a gigantic animal in broad daylight just taking a brisk walk down the oncoming lane. This all happened on Southshore Road in Edinburg.

Like I said above luckily the person whipped out their smart phone to record the moose just roaming around. I have never encountered a moose in my lifetime but I wouldn't know what to do. I would actually probably pull over and do exactly what this driver did. This is still a sight to see. Especially with how care free the animal seemed to be.


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