I'm from Schenectady and I drive by this barbershop all of the time but had no idea that I was viewing a piece of New York history.

Wedgeway Barber Shop was established in April 1912 and still cutting hair like day one. According to their Facebook page, Wedgeway is believed to be the oldest continuous working barber shop in the Northeast. It's really cool how they don't forget their history. If you were to go in there, you'd see an old cash register, old sinks, mirrors, and you can't miss the old-school barber pole right out front.

There is so much history in not only the building but the clients they've serviced. One client Dr. Ernst Alexanderson, was a General Electric employee who in 1939 showed the very first viewing of television at his home.

They thank General Electric for their ability to have stayed in business in the same location for so long, along with the American Locomotive Company. The current owner Richard DiCristofaro has been there since 1962, holding the longest tenure of any previous owner.

I know Schenectady has history, obviously, but it's so cool to learn how much history I drive right by all of the time. How cool is this picture they have as their cover photo by the way?

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