What an amazing group of people over there in North Adams.  You bombarded me with information, and it warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever that means).  Seriously, thank you so much for playing along!  Now onto the song!  (which rhymes, but that's what I do) 
Here's the song without the explanation.  (Backstory beneath the lyrics).  I would love to make this a video, but I would need visuals to go with the words (Any volunteer photographers out there in North Adams?)

Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

Parody of "Drink To That All Night" by Jerrod Neimann

It's a really little town but quite a sensation

Named for the guy who signed the declaration

Located near the Hoosic River
Lots of bars better watch out for your liver
Nice museum of contemporary art
The schools are good and the kids are smart
Has a white marble bridge that's so great
smallest city in the whole state
Everybody knows that the hospital now is closed
But North Adams is the place we like
Go to the parks and take a hike
Visit jacks hot dog stand in the summer on your bike.
real good grub  at the Hub oFreight Yard Pub
At Houghton mansion you'll hear ghosts in the nite
North Adams is the place we like
Home of Seven nice church steeples
Lots of art and leaf peepin people
Speaking of steeples. The steeple cats
The baseball team - they have great stats
The hairpin's a landmark can't disagree
Massifs pharmacy
Been there a hundred years more or less
Got bought out by the CVS
They sure don't work real fast
To fix the Hadley overpass
But north Adams is the place I've liked
Since I've been a little tike
Hit the Pitcher's Mound if you want a real wild nite
If you need glasses you should stop
At mogul tons spectacle shop
Your sure to find something you like
Ocean state job lot
And a big walmart .......
I'm Rhymin Richie By the wayyy
It's your town thurssssday

OMG, I had so much fun writing this one.  It almost wrote itself.  You'd probably have to know the original though.  It's by Jerrod Niemann, friend of the morning show.  He has a song out right now riding high on the charts -"Drink To That All Night" .  it's very "wordy", so I thought it would be a great way to fit in all of the great factoids that you sent me.

DISCLAIMER:  Remember, I try to include many comments you've sent me -good or sarcastic.  I don't write this stuff, YOU DO.  I just rhyme it, so don't blame me about the drinking comment!!)

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