This is an interesting tactic, and it just might work if enough people make the phone call or send an email.  This is an effort to stop the increase of drug addiction from opiates in America.

A Police Department in Gloucester Massachusetts put up a very interesting Facebook post. The first line says "got to go make some calls".   They are referring to the phone numbers of the five top pharmaceutical CEOs.   The post refers to a Huffington Post article reporting that pharmaceutical companies made over $700 billion in profits in the last 10 years, and the CEO's was made way over 1 billion dollars in compensation.

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Meanwhile there is an epidemic in this country of opiods and this particular law enforcement agency must be witnessing a lot of it, because it  prompted them to do some digging and find the email addresses and phone numbers of these bosses, along with their salaries.

They stress in the Facebook post not to be nasty, but just to sake the question "what is being done?". Here's the link.  Have at it should you so desire.


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