You think I'm kidding ya here? You think I'm being facetious?  I'm not!  Pittsfield my very soon become a very trendy go-to destination in Massachussetts.  Read on! 

Pittsfield has a great history.  It's the largest city in the Berkshires, you know. In the 1800's it was hoppin' due to the arrival of transportation by rail and the explosion in the wool industry.

In the 1980's it started to go downhill, but now things are looking WAY up.  According to the Boston Globe, they are renovating an old department store and naming it HOTEL ON NORTH (297 North Street, to be exact)

The company that owns the gorgeous Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge is reportedly involved.

There will be almost 50 rooms with really nice "high ceilings, plank floors and exposed brick walls".

Google Earth
Google Earth

To go along with it, there will be a restaurant called EAT ON NORTH, with food from all different cultural backgrounds, including Korean and Scottish dishes.

Not sure when the completion date will be, but can you imagine this time of year driving thru the Berkshires and staying overbite there?  I told you I wasn't kidding! Best of luck to Pittsfield!

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