It's so weird, but here's my observation for today. I guess it's become the sign of the times-- a horrific shooting and it's not even top of mind with anyone anymore.  Who's to blame for that?


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First the awful facts - it happened on the Umpqua Campus in Roseburg, Oregon. They say here at that 10 students were killed and many wounded.

The killer is 26 years old, and that's all I'm going to say because I refuse to give him any more publicity than I have to.  He supposedly gave hints online that this act was being planned.

It's the typical scenario.  The father said he was "as shocked as anyone" about the crime, and that the assailantdealing with some mental issues and frequently wore military clothing.

That's all we know at this writing.

Now back to my statement above (well, actually my question).  Who's to blame for the numb reaction many of us end up having to things like this? Do I have cruel friends?  No.   Is it the media that has inundated us with so many similar stories that we don't want to listen anymore?  I'd say so.  Are we so engrossed in texting and watching cat videos that we don't wish to deal with the problem at hand?  Probably.

There have been 274 mass shootings in the past year.  Can we all just take a second and think about that for a second?

I know it's easier to just go back to the cat video, but we need some answers really fast, and I'm certainly not smart enough to provide them, but I hope someone is.