Crime is on the rise in Albany and business owners and some residents will tell you that safety is becoming a big problem in our capital city.  I've lived in Albany the majority of my life and I rarely, if ever, feel threatened.  Clearly though, I'm in the minority. Does Albany feel unsafe to you?

NewsChannel 13 has the story the story about crime on the rise in the streets of Albany. You can't argue with the data or the perception; Albany is apparently more dangerous now than ever.  While Mayor Kathy Sheehan and acting Albany Police Chief Robert Sears continue to address to ongoing problem, residents feel unsafe and business owners are saying violence is keeping would be customers away.

As a resident, I don't feel unsafe, but I'm also always on high alert. I keep my keys in hand to use as a weapon if a confrontation occurs and always have my cell phone handy in case I need to make an emergency call.   I also try to keep common sense in mind when making my around town. I stay in well lit areas, pretty much mind my own business, and am rarely out past midnight which is when most crimes tend to happen.   Knock on wood, I've survived this long.  Even on the mean streets of Albany.



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