If the NFL season started this week, fans wouldn't be allowed to attend not only in the stands but not even in the parking lots. The Buffalo Bills, the only New York team that plays in New York state would not be allowed any spectators if the season started soon or even by the fall because of the coronavirus. According to WGRZ.com, with professional sports starting back up like Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association, New Yorkers are wondering what the National Football League will look like for fans of the Buffalo Bills.

If the season were to start this week, there would be no live audiences, fans or spectators allowed to be at the games or even on the grounds of the venue. It is because of state-issued guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans of the Buffalo Bills, who is the only New York team that plays in the state of New York would not be able to attend the home games. They are hoping that by the time the season does begin in September, some restrictions will be lifted but are not optimistic.

It isn't just strict for the fans, but the athletes will also have to follow strict guidelines. Team staff, athletes, and those working at the venues would have to practice social distancing staying six feet apart. Athletes will also have to wear face coverings when they are not active. Locker rooms, restrooms, team benches, and other common areas will not be available and there will be limits to how many athletes are allowed at a time.

I can't wait to watch live sports again. But I completely understand if fans aren't allowed on site. I guess we can just try and be as loud from our living rooms hoping the athletes can imagine how passionate we are from the comfort and safety of our homes.

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