We know New York is tops in a lot of categories, but being one of t he safest states to live in isn't exactly one of them. Maybe this will change that view.

A recent study by ASecureLife has determined New York is the safest state to live in when it comes to burglaries, No, really. The study took FBI data to determine the 10 safest states for break-ins. The states with the lowest ratio per 100,000 people made the list.

And believe it or not, New York landed at #1 with only 223.7 break ins per 100,000 people. The study attributes New Yorks #1 ranking to '...New York law enforcement...(increasing) their arrest rate for various crimes and saw a decline in robberies as a result.'

So there ya go. The next time someone says New York is not a safe place to live, throw this stat at them and then give them the one figured salute.

Hey, we may be the safest. But we are certainly not the friendliest ;).