Another run of burglaries early Tuesday led to the suspect's arrest.

After a run of several burglaries and break ins in Clifton Park, the Saratoga County sheriff has arrested a Clifton Park man in connection to the crimes. According to a News 10 report,  the suspect, 25 year old Tyler Lester, is on parole for similar crimes.

Several homes in the Crescent, Moe, Lapp and Grooms Road areas were burglarized recently and the News 10 report says another run of burglaries early Tuesday led to a break in the case when deputies spotted and arrested the suspect in the Moe Road area.

Yesterday we reported on several Clifton Park homeowner cams that recorded a suspicious person disguised by a bandana lurking around their homes. The News 10 report, nor the Sheriff have confirmed if those were the same sightings that led to the arrest or if they are the same person. Regardless, I am sure residents in the areas affected can rest a little easier tonight knowing a suspect has been apprehended.


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