Being extra watchful after recent burglaries, Clifton Park residents have been sharing security videos of a suspicious individual. 

After a series of recent break-ins and burglaries in the Crescent Road area of Clifton Park, local residents are sure to be a little extra diligent of their surroundings. That includes keeping tabs on home security cams, and in the past 24 hours several videos have been posted to the Neighborhood app of a suspicious man lurking at night around several homes.

In the video below which made it's way to social media, the man is also wearing a backpack and can be seen staring at a front door before walking away. When he walks away, it looks like he is holding something resembling a knife or tool of some sort.


In the other 2 videos posted recently on the app a man is also seen covering his face with a bandana.

The exact Clifton Park locations of these sightings are not known as that info is kept confidential on the app, which is basically a neighborhood watch for your smartphone. . At this point, it is not been verified who the person or people are in these videos, what they are doing at the homes or if these sightings are related to recent break-ins in the area. Regardless, this is alarming considering those break-ins and those who posted the videos did comment they have reported the sightings to Police.

That said, no matter where you live in Clifton Park or the surrounding areas, be vigilant of any suspicious activity and report anything you see to the Police. And be safe out there!

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