There has been a rash of burglaries in Saratoga County. Women targeting people at local restaurants and taking items right from their open purses. Have you seen these women in question? According to News 10 ABC, the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office has surveillance footage of three women of interest in a rash of thefts at local restaurants across Saratoga County.

The women would target customers that were leaving purses and other items unattended. They would then take wallets and credit cards from the unattended purses. They would go to stores nearby and use the credit cards to rack up large charges on the stolen cards. The women would mainly by gift cards with the stolen credit cards.

You are urged to never leave your purse or personal belongings unattended. If you see suspicious activity, you are encouraged to report it to the restaurant or business and to contact the police.

If any of these women look familiar or if you have seen them in the area, you are asked to contact the Saratoga County Sheriff's office at (518) 885-2415 or (518) 363-8980.

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