Burglars are utilizing distraction techniques to distract unwitting residents in North Greenbush.

For homeowners, it is one of their biggest fears: being robbed. But to have it happen in this manner is even more unnerving. Two recent burglaries in North Greenbush utilized 'distraction techniques,' according to a CBS 6 report. Basically, the burglars posed as water utility employees to get into the home and then distracted homeowners while others went through and stole their belongings.

According to the CBS 6 report, police say this practice is actually quite common. In both of these cases the homeowners became suspiocious and asked the burglars to leave. One homeowner was robbed of some things before getting them out of their home.

I guess the moral of the story here is be vigilant, and take extra steps to protect yourself, your family and your home. I would imagine in most scenarios utility personnel would not ask for access to your home without the utility company notifying you before arriving - so be wary of scammers!

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