Many things happening in the world of technology.  There's something for everyone.  I'll try to capsulize this for  you:

First and foremost, for you Tomb Raider fans,( of which I am not, unfortunately) there is a new game coming out  that is actually a "throwback".  It's a prequel, where our protagonist, Laura Croft is the younger, more timid Laura.  I guess you see her personality change in the video game

You can stare at her and listen to the theme music here courtesy of our fine friends at YouTube.


if you are excited about this new installment,  I have a little bit of bad news.  You'll have to wait 9 months, but it looks like it might be worth it.

Well watch out Apple- there's now a new tablet PC  in town.  According to CNN, it's called the Surface, and on the Surface it looks pretty nice

Surface Tablet

It's got a 10.6 inch hi def screen, front and rear facing cameras like the iPad.  However, this one has a case that folds down to become a full sized keyboard and it has a pen and a kickstand which Apple usually hits you up for extra moola for.

Microsoft actually had this same idea 5 years ago- they called it a Surface too, but again Apple got the jump on them.  Sorry, folks.  You'll have to wait for this one too.  Looks like a fall release for this.  Ok, now onto cameras.  Nikon just came out with a 23 megapixel model.  Ridiculous?  Too much?  How about this..

Nikon camera

This is mine.  It's a pocket sized  14 megapixel beauty.   14 megapixels in your pocket.  Do I really honestly need something with that many megapixels to just take a snapshot and email it to someone.  Mostly no, but there are some reasons to say yes, and if you in the market to buy a camera and want this answer, I've done another article about this same subject.

Please join me next week for more technical topics that I know very little about, but love to own.








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