iPads are supposedly getting more memory, Microsoft wants you to subscribe to their software, and what happens if you break your iPhone screen?  The inside scoop and answer to your dilemma followsWell your current iPad may become a recent memory because it doesn't have enough memory. According to Cnet.com,  looks like the new ones will have 128 gigs , but they will be priced at $799 to start.   That seems to be the only part of the upgrade that will change -  guts of them won't -  same speed, screen etc, just more room for big files - like doctors who want to store X-rays or big movies or something.  However rumors are that they're coming out with an all new one in a couple of months!

iPad device
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Ok, equal time.  For those of you who use Windows , some of you want to upgrade your software.  This can set you back major cash-  Micosoft office 2013 for example costs $130 for the basic edition.  Then what happens if you want to reload it, can't find the cd, you need the updates?

Well there's a new way to buy.  it's called Office 365.  You subscribe to it for $100/year.  You get free updates, cloud storage so you can access your files anywhere,  and you can use the software on up to 5 different machines.    (Even free calling time on Skype too!  )


Screen Shot Office 365
from microsoft website

And now onto today's Computer Renaissance question from Kim in Glenmont-

"My iPhone screen is cracked.  Do I need to get a new phone?  No.  Computer Renaissance of Latham, your high tech computer experts at their one stop technology shop can handle it and for a reasonable price. They can fix your iPad or iPod as well!

Give them a call at 220-4445 .   And that's Tech Talk for this week!


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