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Just to let you know, you aren't the only one with troubles.   Here's a problem I had the day before I went on vacation.  I put my camera card into my iPad transfer photos and hit "delete", thinking I was deleting unused photos off of my device to make room.  Instead, I deleted everything off of the card.  Of course, no backup.  THAT'S WHY I WAS TRANSFERRING THEM!

photo by Richie Phillips

Kudos to a program called  Card Recovery.  I was afraid to buy this, to be honest. It was like $50.00.   Who knows if it's a scam or not, but I have to say, I  was impressed.  It found MOST of the photos, plus photos that I had erased a year ago!  Proving once again that you really don't totally erase things, which can be good or bad!

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