Microsoft just rolled out a new website called that uses their brand-new super-advanced facial recognition software to guess your age and gender from just ONE photo you upload.

It does a good job . . . sometimes.  It also whiffs a lot . . . I tested it out with five different photos and it called me 41, 49, 50, and 47.

There's just one really big problem.  I'm 31.  C'mon!!!!

And, what's worse, look at how old they guessed my handsome co-hosts are!!!!!

You might have seen this type of thing popping up all over your Facebook or Twitter.  People are posting the photo it spits out with their predicted age on social media, whether the software nailed it or messed up huge.

Do it to yourself, Click Here!

Then tell me in the comment section how old it says you are, along with how old you really are!  Good luck!!

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